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2017 - Favourite music, shows and movies

As a list and summary lover I wanted to sum up 2017 in some way so I came up with something that you can see below. We live in a world of professional recommenders and by any means I feel as a one whose voice in this matter shoud be treated especially seriously. There are way better and more important lists. But still, I assume that anything that makes one curious is worth sharing. Feel free to contact me if you want to spend some time conversating or have any questions.
MusicKendrick Lamar - DAMN.Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at MeCaterina Barbieri - Patterns of ConsciousnessPrince of Denmark - 8坂本龍一 [Ryuichi Sakamoto] - asyncDean Hurley - Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△SZA - CTRLTyler, the Creator - Flower BoyKettenkarussell - Insecurity GuardSlowdive - SlowdiveJohnny Jewel - WindsweptAngelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series SoundtrackDJ Seinfeld - Time Spent Away From UVisible Cloaks - ReassemblageRafael Anton Irisarri - The Shameless YearsColin Stetson - 

Festival Review: Unsound Flower Power Kraków 2017

This was my second time at Unsound. I've been following it for many years but due to the lack of time and money I had to skip a number of editions. Last year's Dislocation truly amazed me but that's what the first times do, they impress you a lot. You discover new venues, you meet all these people and finally have a chance to compare all of it with what you imagined before.
Flower Power was the 15th edition of Unsound festival. For me it started on Wednesday as I couldn't come to Kraków earlier. I have to admit that I didn't exactly feel the difference between this year's theme and the previous one but it may be my fault because I didn't have a chance to see all of installations. 
A beautiful poster of this year's edition. Unsound Dislocation vs. Flower Power In comparison to Unsound Dislocation the biggest difference was not so many events during the day. Even though last year it truly drained me of all energy and made partying at Hotel Forum until 6 …

Festival Review: Open Source Art 2017

The venue and atmosphere All performances took place in the National Art Gallery in Sopot. The conditions were great. Listening to this kind of music is way more comfortable in a sitted position thus I appreciated chairs which were waiting for the audience. Also, I need to underline superb acoustics; sound technicians did a great job and they deserve some praise because by looking at the place I imagine it wasn't easy to achieve. The crowd seemed to be fully aware of what to expect from this event. There was no chatting and disrupting the listening experience by any other actions thankfully.  Caterina Barbieri Her performance was the undisputed highlight of the festival. Caterina leaned heavily on her latest album but was able to use it as an advantage. I needed a few minutes to lock in and dive into the sounds she presented but when I finally reached the optimal point of concentration I was blown away. I truly don't remember the last time music moved me so deeply. There are …

Event Review: Lado w Mieście - Steven Warwick Live / Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Live

In recent yearsLado w Mieście succeeded in becoming one of the best music initiatives in Warsaw next to the FestiwalPrzemiany. It is hard to believe that those events give you the chance to see highly intriguing artists for free. I failed to visit Plac Zabaw(the spot near Vistula river where performances take place) last year and missed some great shows but this year I was way better prepared and reserved some time to do it. The atmosphere there is really appealing and you can feel the kind of liveliness as people come to have a drink and talk with friends. However, it doesn't distract you from listening, the audience is thoughtful and I did not have any problems with concentrating on the gigs. Steven Warwick Live  20.07.2017
I got to know Steven Warwick by listening to CTFO on soundcloud. It legitimately drew my attention but then while checking other stuff I somehow forgot about his upcoming album(which is actually catalogued as a mixtape). When I discovered that he was going t…